What Are the Best Benefits of Coffin Nails?

Coffin Nails at Zizi in Highland

For the woman who wants to wear only the finest acrylic nails it can be tricky deciding on the perfect nail shape. There are many choices, and with the addition of color, texture, decals, and rhinestones, your nails will be as unique as you are.

One of the trendy new nail looks is coffin nails. While you may be taken aback by the name, these nails are designed like claws for women who want to stand out, but want a safer type of nail to wear. If you’re hoping to learn a bit more about visiting a nail salon in Arlington, you may be interested in reading more about our coffin nail services.

The coffin nail consists of a long shape. The top of the nail bed and the two sides are the same as any other type of nail. The difference lies in the tip, which is long. The long nails have a tapered shape with a flat top. The nails resemble a traditional coffin with the rounded top and the flat base, however, most people won’t make this connection when they see your beautiful manicure done by ZiZi Pedispa and Nails.

Coffin Nail at Zizi Pedispa & Nails

These nails are also called ballerina nails and both terms can be used interchangeably. For those who don’t want to think about coffins, these nails can also be likened to the pointe of a pointe ballet shoe that may be worn by ballerinas. It’s such a contrast between two different ideas, yet the result is the same.

There are many different nail shapes today, including round, square, stiletto and almond. Many women may wish to avoid a pointy nail which can scratch or break more easily, or when you’re worried you might poke an eye out. This is one benefit of the coffin nail, as the tip is flat and it’s more durable to wear. Yet it’s also a bit different and not as boring as simply round, but still has that extreme nail shape.

Coffin Nails Design

Another benefit of coffin nails is that since they’re longer, they’ll take more color than your shorter nail. If you want to try bright bold beautiful colors, this is your opportunity to stand out.

The entire nail doesn’t need to be all one color either. Coffin nails are perfect for trying a variety of different patterns and shapes. They can have decals applied to them, or small gems and sparkles. You don’t even need to decorate the entire nail, it can also have sections of solid colors and then sections of pattern.

When choosing the ballerina or coffin nail you also have a variety of choices or types. There is the full gel set or fill, or acrylic nails. Many women who try coffin nails for the first time discover that they just love them and they’ll continue wearing them for many years ahead.

If you’re looking for the best nail salon in Arlington you’ll find that we provide exemplary customer service to make your salon day unique and relaxing. You’ll leave our salon feeling like a new woman in your special set of coffin nails.


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